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Which? Recommended Provider: Time Out Guides is rated top guidebook brand by Which? Survey, for level of detail, photography, quality of maps, ease of finding information and value for money. Time Out Marrakech charts the ups and downs of this alluring Moroccan city. We cover the city's museums, the talk of the new starchitect-designed Museum of Photography, and the latest luxe openings in the Red City and beyond. With the help of local journalists, writers and experts, the Time Out Marrakech, Essaouira & the High Atlas guide takes you past the cliches - into the Medina corners and Ville Nouvelle haunts where Marrakchis work and play, sampling the full extent of its religious sites, the best of its eating, spas, and shopping, and the most interesting sights, strolls and excursions. In addition, there's a full range of riads and hotels including the best of the new openings. The Marrakech guide highlights: Full colour and illustrated throughout with exclusive photography, using original imagery to give a real sense of the place. Handy pull-out Marrakech map. Extensive area guides not only cover the sightseeing in Marrakech, but also restaurants, bars and shops - all plotted on maps handily located within the chapter. Top 20 list of the must-see highlights. Itineraries to help you plan your visit. Critic's choices pick out the best Marrakech sights, experiences and cultural highlights - at a glance. All Marrakech restaurants and bars have been visited and reviewed anonymously by critics who pay their own way. Marrakech hotels independently reviewed. The revamped Time Out Guides retain the independence and local expertise that the series is known for, while adding more features to help the visitor navigate the city. Whether you have an action-packed 24 hours or a leisurely week in which to take it all in, these guides are more essential than ever.. Размер карты: 83.5 см. x 38 см. Масштаб карты: 3,5 см. = 300 м.

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