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Psyche’s Scroll is a post-postmodern epic poem that pushes at the frontiers of what is possible and invites you to participate in a woman’s psychosocial self-analysis as she struggles to move through and beyond psychological trauma. Become a voyeur of the mind in this book of sometimes bawdy, ballsy language, as well as sharp insights into human behavior. Psyche’s Scroll is myth making; it’s a love story with a geeky streak. It’s also a schizophrenic story: half raw emotion, half coolly cerebral—a story which American master poet William Heyen referred to as “sui generis.”__________________________________________________________________________________________What They're Saying about Psyche's Scroll:“We witness here sacral intelligence within a revelatory construct, and we're grateful to keep this strong poet's “wieldings” company.~William Heyen, National Book Award Finalist,The Candle: Poems of Our 20th Century Holocausts_____“Psyche’s Scroll is as audacious and original work of poetry I have ever read. It blew my mind!”~Vuong Quoc Vu, editor for Tourane Poetry Press_____“Merrifield has produced here her ‘body of proof’—a lustrous map for all women and all men to follow into the light where we too can finally discover the courage to declare ourselves who we truly are.”~Mike Burwell, author of Cartography of Water; co-editor of Cirque______“In exchanges reminiscent of John Berryman’s Dream Songs, poet Karla Linn Merrifield examines the fractures which parado...
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