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Education is the most vital tool for national uplift. Those having achieved thrill in it have become leaders of the world. Unlike them Bangladesh and Pakistan are backward vis-a-vis even other SAARC countries. Yet Bangladesh has offered a unique microfinance system and Pakistan stands against the tide of world terrorism. So, they deserve help. But before granting such aid the dirty political factors need exposure. A search has been initiated in this regard. The education juggernauts in Pakistan in particular are in deep slumber and private parties have free hand to treat the system as business venture. There seems none to resist it. Again, feudalism is jamming the wheels of literacy. However, there exists some kind of system in Bangladesh with, of course, loopholes intact. The study has picked the owners, managing committee members and teachers for scrutiny and finally solved the riddle why literacy graph remains low there. The study has the ingredients to change the education system in this part of the world, commented a US Varsity Professor. It will, therefore, attract educationists, govt. functionaries, Varsity teachers, philanthropists, civil society and researchers as a whole.
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