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detailed morphology of two species of phthiraptera from pakistan купить по лучшей цене

A survey has been conducted for the collection of Oedogoniales during April 2003 to December 2006 and collections have been made from different habitats (lentic/lotic) of Shivalik Himalayas of Jammu particularly from those areas which could easily be approached for the existence of different species of Oedogonium and Bulbochaete.In totality, 74 Oedogonium species and 9 Bulbochaete species have been collected. The species of these two genera have been identified on the basis of morphology and the dimensions of vegetative and reproductive organs. Depending upon the position of antheridial cells in the life cycle of taxa, the group has been divided broadly into two categories, i.e., macrandrous and nannandrous. Further, on the basis of position of antheridial cells and androsporangial cells in relation to the oogonium, the group has been subdivided into macrandrous homothallic, macrandrous heterothallic and nannandrous idioandrosporous / gynandrosporous forms.

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