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Ideal Solution to Keep Mosquito Away USB Powered Electric Mosquito Killer is an ideal solution to keep the mosquito away from you when you are fishing, driving a car, camping, hiking etc. Easy Charging by USB Digital Devices It supports charging by any USB digital device, like power bank, AC chargers, car chargers and more. Easy to Use Just plug the mosquito killer in the USB port and it will work automatically, easy and simple, no more other steps. Tiny in Size and Portable to Carry Being tiny in size and small in weight, you can take it with you anywhere you go. Automatically Power Off for Safe Use With the smart chip GF372 built-in the tiny body, the USB mosquito killer can automatically power off after 12 hours of using to prevent over-heating, making it safe to use. Specification Brand Ugreen Product Name USB Mosquito Killer Port USB Male Chip Model GF372 Suitable for Area 20 square meters Working Temperature 160±10°C Storage Temperature 0-70°C Output Power 5W Input Voltage 4.75V-5.25V Max Input Current ≤1500mA Product Size 60 x 38 x 20mm.

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