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After she had been fermenting steadily for about a year, Danielle saw an ad asking for someone to teach amuscadine wine class in Augusta, GA. She sent anemail sharing her fermentation and teachingexperience and was quickly scheduled to teach herfirst fermentation class. She didn't tell the organizer atthe time, but Danielle had never made muscadine wine inher life. She immediately ran out and bought somemuscadines, found a recipe, and made the wine.The class went great and thus, Fermdamentals wasborn.At Fermdamentals Danielle teaches the fundamentals offermentation. While her blog is still active, it containsvery few actual recipes. All of the ferments she hassuccessfully made are contained here. Danielle hopes you'lluse this as a springboard to create your owndelicious ferments and share them with your familyand friends!

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