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Type: Alarm Clock - Color: Black + Blue - Quantity: 1 - Material: ABS engineering plastic + electronic components - Powered by 5 x AA batteries (Not included) - Screen: 1.8" - Voice decibels: 88dB - Time and clock setting: Hold down the "Time" button and push on the "Hr" button for setting the hour on the clock. Hold down the "time" switch and push the "Min" button to set the minute. - Alarm setting: Push "Alarm" button then as same with setting time and clock to set the alarm hour and time. - Alarm / Snooze / Off function: Set the Al-Sz-Off switch to "Al" for ringing one time; Set to "Sz" for ringing every 5 minutes till setting to "off". - Blue light backlight. - Please note that this alarm clock can only be switched off by using the propeller in the machine to do so. Any tempering by using other objects to switch off the alarm will only tamper with the machine and can be dangerous. Do not use rechargeable batteries and old batteries. - Packing list: - 1 x Alarm clock - 1 x Ball - 1 x Propeller
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