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Laptops need to have air circulate around them - and especially underneath them if they are to work most efficiently. Sometimes if they get too hot they will just keep shutting down on you without warning. Until now the only way to keep you laptop cool has been to buy a separate large colling unit to place underneath it powered from a USB port. These are not only noisy take up a vital USB port to get their power but they are also yet one more thing you have to carry round with you and set up each time you use your computer.Why not keep it simple? Forget about carrying another piece of equipment around with you all day. These neat little feet stick to your laptop with velcro and raise it above the desk to help keep it ventilated. They are light and can be detached easily if necessary. Cool ball is a perfect product for your laptop. This Laptop cool ball can efficiently decrease the overall temperature by creating a cooling gap under the laptop depending on the smooth surface of the cool ball. You can get forward backward leftward rightward and so on free slide of the laptop on the desktop for share with your friends and easy to adjust to new comfort sitting positions. At the same time the special material of the Laptop Cooler can product the laptop from hard landing on desktop - Perfect heat reducing stand for your laptop - Efficiently decrease the overall temperature by creating a cooling gap under the laptop - Smooth surface of the cool ball - Allows the laptop to slide on your desk - Also comes with anti-slip pads for different requirement - Will ship in random color
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