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Driving today is very nerve racking because there are so many idiots on the road these days. It leaves me wondering how they even past their driving tests. People always seem to speed passed you and pull up right behind you honking for no reason. Not to mention cutting you off and not using turn signals. Trying to keep an eye on everything at the same time is very inconvenient with all the blind spots in vehicles today. Eliminate your blind spots with this easy to use oversized rearview mirror. It attaches easily to your existing rear view mirror by suction cup. Installation could not be easier. This mirror eliminates the blind spots and allows you to clearly see everything happening behind you. It makes lane changes a breeze. You can also easily parrelel park your vehicle with the reduced blind spots. Everything about this mirror improves your vision and allows you to relax and drive at ease. It is a must for new drivers who don't quite have the feel of their vehicles size. Even if your eyes are a bit older this mirror removes the stress of trying to look at distant things in a tiny little mirror. Eliminate your stress by eliminating your blind spots today. Great as a gift or for yourself. - Car blind spot mirror - Fits onto the interior rearview mirror - Solve dead angle zone of sight perfectly - Easier Parking - Wide angle view - Easy to install
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