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Employment in informal sector is a significant segment in the total employment in India. Many studies revealed that the working and living conditions of women artisans in informal sector are not upto the minimum requirements and their position is measurable when compared to women artisans in informal sector. Lace women artisans constitute an important segment of workforce in informal sector at Narsapur, West Godavari District. This book explains development of lace industry in Andhra Pradesh, India and compared to other countries and employment conditions of crochet lace women artisans in Narsapur town which offers substantial household employment under putting-out system and workshop system in which secluded poor rural women produce lace which yield about 90 percent of the states handicrafts exports earnings. In this book it is intended to identify the gaps and to establish the need for the research study till today the Central and State Governments have no definite policy on the crochet lace women artisans. It is highly essential to have an in-depth research regarding the women artisans in the lace manufacturing industry.

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