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Large class sizes in schools with its attendant problems are major factors for the dwindling academic performance of students. Education is the key that unlocks the doors of development. Reducing the number of students in schools means depriving some children from their right to education and increasing government expenditure. This research brings to light the effects of large classes on teaching and learning. The research suggests an innovative method of teaching to address the problem of large class sizes. The study revealed that Ghanaian schools are densely populated and classes are large. Problems of large class size identified include: the use of inappropriate methods of teaching; inappropriate mode of assessment; students creativity are stifled; inattention to students’ problems. Using Group Method of teaching was found to be the best way of addressing problems of large class size. It is recommended that teachers use appropriate method of teaching to motivate, arouse and sustain students’ interest in their subjects. School administrators and stakeholders of education must organize regular in-service training and institute reward and incentive schemes to motivate teachers.
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