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The present work 'Santal Community Information Services: A Tribal Community Study of West Bengal, INDIA' is a survey based research work. Santal is a tribal community of India. More than 8% population of India comprises tribal population. There is a distinct information and cultural gap between the developed communities and tribal communities. In the present study, author discussed about the statement of the research problem,objectives of the research, hypothesis, choice of the community, research methodology, definition of community, information needs, information seeking behavior (ISB) and suitable model for ISB. Then detail description about Santal Community; methodology of data collection regarding different types of information needs and ISB; after that analysis of collected data from different point of view; definition, meaning, origin of community information services (CIS) in India and abroad, CIS literature reviews and findings regarding better CIS provider;and last but not the least discussed about recommendations to bridge the information gap between Santal community and developed communities and the role of public library towards bridging the gap.

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