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Brand KANO Model Y9105 Qty 1 Gender Men's Suitable for Adults Frame Color Black Lens Color Yellow Frame Material Zinc alloy Lens Material Resin Frame Height 5 cm Lens Width 6.5 cm Overall Width of Frame 15 cm Bridge Width 1.5 cm Other Features UV 400 protection; Improves your vision reduces glare and sharpens your eyesight at night. Driving at night is more dangerous than daytime driving especially when oncoming headlights are very bright; Thanks to the yellow lens of this night vision glasses you'll not only cut the glare but also the risk of accidents; Night vision glasses are especially helpful when your eyes are fatigued from a lot of driving and for older drivers whose night vision isn't as keen; This specialized anti-glare glasses give you superior viewing in the dark by filtering blue light and preserving a natural balance of colors; They're also helpful in haze fog or rain giving you sharper contrast and detail; When you cut down on glare your driving will be safer and more comfortable but not suitable for daytime wearing Packing List 1 x Pair of glasses 1 x Glasses cloth 1 x Classes case
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