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Polarized Polaroid Bike Bicycle Cycling UV Sunglasses Sun Glasses Men Women Outdoor Sport Features: Life frame disign, adopt imported superior quality TR90 material UV400 lens, 100% anti UV, as to protect your eyes from injury High pliability, 20 times higher than ordinary glasses Mirage Black, adopt Mirage Black disign, fast colour Perfect frame structure, ergonomically designed With myopia frame, thoughtful design Non-slip rubber ring, prevent loss Prevent sweat into your eyes for traffice safety Breather hole to inscrease the speed of evaporation of sweat Sports headband, easy to wear, prevent slipping when sport Specification: Brand: Basecamp Model: BC-102 Sport Type: Cycling Item Type: Eyewear Gender: Unisex Frame Material: TR90 (most popular) Lenses Optical Attribute: UV Protection Glasses Lenses Color: Colorful HD coated lens, Tawny anti-fog lens, Lihgt blue&lihgt silver coated lens, Grey polarized lens, Transparent colorful coated lens, Yellow bright enhancement&lihgt silver coated lens Frame Color: Black, Black&Blue, Black&Red, White, Fluorescent Green Size(L*W*H): 18 x 8.5 x 13.5mm Lens Width: 7.1 cm Lens Height: 4.1 cm Suitable for: cycling, skiing, surfing, mountaineering, daily life, adventure and other activities. Package included: 1x Glasses case 1x Pair of polarized lenses 5x Pairs of interchangeable original lenses 1x Glasses cloth 1x Glasses bag 1x Glasses rope 1x Glasses band 1x Inner frame for shorsighted lenses
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