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Streamlined design polarized sunglasses provides you a fashion style. This polarized sunglasses come with 5 pairs of interchangeable PC lenses. These PC lenses has good flexibility. They are anti-scratch, compression resist. The package of this sunglasses also includes a short-sighted lens frame. Those who got myopia can use the ROCKBROS polarized sunglasses. 5 Interchangeable Lens The 5 different colors lenses are made of PC material with riot shields, anti-scratch, and compression resistance. You can choose the color you like. Short-Sighted Lens Frame Except the sunglasses frame, the cycling goggles also includes the short sighted lens frame, enabling the short sighted users to look clearly. Anti-skid Glasses Legs Glasses legs with air holes are made of anti-skid silicone, streamlined designed and not need to worry about falling down. Adjustable Nose Bridge Nose pads are adjustable to make sure that your nose are comfortable. Wide Applications This pair of sports glasses is suitable for riding/cycling, outdoor activities, mountaineering, and tourism. Note Please note that there are 5 pairs of lens, one is polarized lens, and other four lens are UV lens. Specifications Brand ROCKBROS Name Polarized Sunglasses Frame Material Polycarbonate Lens Material Polycarbonate Sunglasses Weight 30g Package Weight 350g Sunglasses Frame Length 151mm Sunglasses Frame Width 43mm Sunglasses Leg Length 137mm Package Size(L x W x H) 180 x 100 x 70 mm Package Contents 1 x Sunglasses Frame5 x Pairs of Lenses1 x Glasses Case1 x Glasses Bag1 x Glasses Cloth1 x Glasses Rope1 x Glasses Band1 x Short Sighted Lens Frame
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