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No One Knew Her Side Of The Story…When Dr. Jenni Vine fled Los Angeles, she was trying to escape the taint of an old scandal. Luckily, most of the folks in small-town Downhome, Tennessee, seemed willing to give the lady doc the benefit of the doubt and were thrilled to have a glamorous outsider in their midst.Except For A One-Man Judge And Jury…Police chief Ethan Forrest liked his town peaceful, and he made it clear that the newcomer's dubious credentials–blond surfer girl in designer duds, and alleged home wrecker–put her at the top of his least-wanted list.But once Jenni starts caring for his motherless son, the lawman would swear on a stack of Bibles that she's not the heartbreaker type. Except, she's driving him wild!Downhome Doctors: First-rate doctors in a town of second chances

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