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Your Complete Guide to Over 200 Fun and Adventurous Things To See, Do and Explore While Visiting the Oregon Coast!At 363 miles long, Oregon’s scenic coastline is filled with countless natural wonders and attractions to see, do, and explore. Hike to a high bluff to watch for whales, walk a long sandy beach, explore a historic lighthouse, catch a live Dungeness crab, join in the fun of a sandcastle building contest, even ride aboard an old-fashioned steam train. The problem is…how do you uncover all of these activities to get the most out of your trip? The solution is the new Oregon Coast Guide. Inside these pages, you’ll discover over 200 fun and adventurous things to see, do and explore while visiting the Oregon Coast, complete with descriptions, photos, maps, tips, contact information, a whale watching guide, and much more! Perfect for spending a day, weekend, or even a week at the Oregon Coast!Inside its pages, you'll learn how to... Climb the Astoria Column Explore the History of Oregon’s Majestic Lighthouses Hike One of the Many Oregon Coast Trails Ride in the Cab of a 1925 Steam Locomotive Experience the Oregon Coast Aquarium Walk a Beautiful Beach That Goes on Forever Go Whale Watching from Shore…or the Ocean! See the Power of Thor’s Well Up Close Join the Fun of a Sandcastle Building Contest Jet Boat on the Wild Rogue River Race Down the Huge Sand Dune at Pacific City Catch a Live Dungeness Crab Explore the Astoria Riverwalk Ride a Bike on the Beach at Seaside Peda...
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