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browne abdullah bonaparte in egypt and the egyptians of to day купить по лучшей цене

"Tarek pondered lengthily before deciding on important matters. He was very cautious and meticulously planned for the day he left to join the demonstrations. He removed all his credit cards and ATM cards from his wallet and only left his national ID, his business card and engineer's syndicate card. He removed the keys to his parents' home as his ID included their address and he feared someone breaking into the house if something happened to him. Rania later noticed the keys hanging on the key holder, unaware that he had removed them. Tarek left a list of important information for Rania in case of emergency, and the steps that she should take if he disappeared... Tarek clearly instructed her to contact his father, his brother and his colleague at work if police detained him. At that point, Rania was thinking of two scenarios: either he would be beaten and released like Amr Salama, or he would be beaten and imprisoned. In her mind there was no third option..." In 2011, the winds of change blew across Egypt, the region and the world. An unexpected turn of events changed the history of Egypt, the region and the world balance of power. Go back in time to the 18 days of Egypt's epical Tahrir events, which mesmerized and inspired the globe. Re-live the Tahrir uprising through the voices of 18 ordinary Egyptians in extraordinary circumstances. Experience their moments of hope and despair, generosity and caution, turmoil and quiet, pain and joy, victory and defeat....
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