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Only Through Spiritual Eyes Will You See is a wonderful book that encapsulates powerful scriptures and provides strategies on how to live an abundant life through Jesus Christ, enabling the reader to see their lives through the eyes of the spirit, freeing them from past life experiences and eradicating generational curses.Throughout the book, the author shares several personal testimonies on how God totally transformed her life and taught her that life's challenges or addictions do not have the final say or determine your future. Avril's relationship with God has certainly had a major impact on her life, and her aim is to encourage the reader that the same will be their testimony, should they accept the Lord Jesus as their Personal Saviour.The book concludes by asking the question 'Are you ready?' and prompts the reader to think about their life and the reason why they are here on earth.Only Through Spiritual Eyes Will You See is a simple and easy read.Foreword by Bishop John FrancisRuach City Church, London UK
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