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boya by wm5 by wm6 camera wireless lavalier microphone recorder system for canon 6d 600d 5d2 5d3 nikon d800 sony dv camcorder купить по лучшей цене

Come with 4-pair eyeglass - Yellow eyeglass: To improved the visual effect in the night.Transparent eyeglass: Normal visual effect not affected by Cloudy/rainy days.Dark brown eyeglass: To filter out a lot of blue-ray to improve visual contrast and clarity.Coated eyeglass: To protect the eyes from ultraviolet and other harmful lights, fashionable design. Features Take Video FUll HD 1080P Take Photo 16MP photo resolution RF remote control Ambarella A5 Chip WIFI functions All in one key control Remote control 2.4G Connect to PC to browse files, Wifi play app: wearcam Specifications Video Resolution1 1080P (1920x1080) 30FPS 16:9 Video Resolution2 720P (1280x720) 60FPS 16:9 Video Resolution3 720P (1280x720) 30FPS 16:9 Photo size 10MP/16MP Lens 140 degree wide angle all glasses lens External Memory Micro SD card slot supports upto 32GB (Not include memory card) Format JPG/MP4 Audio Built in MIC Port USB2.0, HDMI Battery Built in 800mAh polymer lithium battery Remote control 2.4G all directions (in open areas remote distance can reach 20 meters) WiFi play App wearcam
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