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Sillago sihama, belonging to the family Sillaginidae is one of the highly priced fish in coastal and estuarine fisheries of India. Present study analyses the various aspects of biology of S. sihama along the coast of Ratnagiri, Maharashtra.The length weight relationship indicated the isometric growth in S. sihama. The morphometric characters indicated high degree of correlation among the compared character with total length. The length weight relationship equations analysed for males Log W =-1.9892 + 2.8891 Log L,for females were Log W =-1.9696 + 2.8893 Log L,for indeterminate were Log W=-2.2034 +3.0745 Log L and for total population,Log W=-1.9511+2.8608 Log L. The qualitative and quantitative analysis of food revealed that S. sihama is feed mainly on crustaceans, fish parts and polychaetes.Highest GSI value was observed in October for females and November for males. This species spawns from June to February with peak spawning activity during September to December.The asymptotic length (L?), growth coefficient (k) were estimated as 320.25 mm and 0.15/ year respectively. – I. The values of Z,M and F estimated were 0.90, 0.27 and 0.63 respectively. Exploitation ratio estimated 0.7.
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