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The book can be a great source of information for specialists in the field of: economics, finances, economic politics and Economic University employees as well as students of directions associated with real estate market function. An aim of this book is to present the most important issues related with real estate financing in Great Britain. The following chapter describes microeconomic and macroeconomic sources of real estate financing as well as mechanism of Great Britain function in 2001-2013. These are unusually current problems, particularly in view of turbulence which we observe recently in Great Britain economy. In the book presented reasons for the outbreak of financial crisis as well as crisis effects in macroeconomic scale, but also anti-crisis activities carried out by Great Britain. In the study, the subject of analysis are primarily macroeconomic data such as interest rate, GDP, national debt, country's budget deficit, inflation, employment, investments. It doesn’t deal with a set of macroeconomic factors which determine the Great Britain economic situation. However, in my point of view these are the most important macroeconomic factors.
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