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Dr. Norman Hall has lived a full lifeninety-four years and counting, and he looks back at navigating change, overcoming challenges, and bearing witness to history in this memoir.Along the way, he ponders his successes and failures, the whys and the why-nots, the might-have-beens, the near-misses, and the what-ifs.While he grew up as a Texas country boy with limited success in school, he graduated from college, served four years in the Army, and spent seventy years as a school administrator.He recalls adventures dating all the way back to the 1920s and 1930s when his boyhood ranch was one of only two in a three-mile area. His playmates were Mexican children, and as he played with them, he learned their language and many of their customs.The roads were mainly dirt, and the rural mail carrier was the chief source of news for most families. Life was made up of many carefree days enjoying the small-town atmosphere.Join the author as he relives bucolic tales of rural life, serving in the Army, starting a family, and educating children and young adults in Back Roads of My Memory.

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