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Brand KLT Model KLT-982A Quantity 1 Color Black Material Iron Features Glue dropping Application Glue dropping Other Automatic Liquid Dispenser with time control to push the liquid pneumatically controlled by timer to be sure the same dispensing drops and dispensing cycle time regulated the air pressure with suitable tip at your equipments of the different liquids as gluesgreases solder pastes. Applied for 10 types of steel tips and 5 types of plastic tips for various customers' needs; Manual or timer operation modes; Foot pedal controlled; Suck-back feature ensure no dripping; Designed for wide range of application; Complete with an accessory dispensing kit; Timer mode dispensing time 0.01-1 0.1-10 0.2-20 0.3-30 seconds; Manual mode materials could be dispensed continuously until operator release the foot pedal; Technical Data: Timer: Programmable: 0.01-1S 0.1-10S 0.2-20S 0.3-30S; Cycle Initiation: Maintained or Momentary; Repeat Tolerance: +/- 0.5%; Size: 23.6cm x 15.5cm x 5.8cm; Weight: 1.65kg; Voltage input: AC 220~240V 50Hz; Internal voltage: DC 24V; Minimum deposit: 0.01ml; Air input: 2.5~7 bar (35~100psi); Air output: 0.1~5.5 bar (1-78psi) Packing List 1 x Dispenser controller 1 x Foot switch (cable length: about 186cm) 1 x Dispenser Stand 3 x 30cc Liquid Barrels 6 x Steel Needle/Tips 6 x Plastic Tips 1 x Air Tube to Barrel 1 x Air Tube to Air Supply 1 x Hand Switch 1 x Power Cable (cable length: about 149cm) 1 x User Manual (English and Chinese)
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