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azdome gs63h wifi car dvr recorder dash cam 2 4 novatek 96660 camera built in gps camcorder 4k 2880x2160p night vision g sensor купить по лучшей цене

2.0 Inch 1080P Full HD Car DVR Recorder Camera IR Night Vision G-Sensor Feature: 1.G-sensor When gravity acceleration up to 6g (1g = 9.80 m / s2) the machine will automatically save the current video of the accident as undeletable file; G-sensor values can be adjusted to be 2G-4G-6G-8G. The system default is 4G 2.Automatic power on/off Connected to car power, the recorder automatically starts recording when the engine starts, save the video and shut down automatically when the engine stops 3. No drop of any second Specification: Scheme NOVATEK 96650 Pixel 12 Mega(Full HD 1080P) Lens MI0330 Resolution Max 1920*1080/30fps G-sensor Support Display 2.0 inch 4:3 960*240 View angle 120 degrees Cycle recording Support Temp-Park Motion Record Optional Motion Detection Function Support IR night vision Support Date stamp Support Compressing format H.264 Memory card TF Card(Max 32GB)Card not included Power interface DC: 5V 1A Battery Built-in 300 mAh Output HDMI / AV-OUT Audio Video/audio sync. Recording / mute Microphone Support Built-in Sound Equipment Support Current frequency 50/60Hz Language Russian, Japanese, French, Italian, German, English, Chinese (simplified) Chinese (Traditional) Korean Spanish, Portuguese. Operation Temp -10C ~ 70C Products size 97*58*27mm Accessories HDMI line / Caigar charger / USB line / Bracket / Manual Package Included: 1 x Car Video Camcorder 1 x Car Mount 1 x Car Charger 1 x USB Cable 1 x User Manual
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