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Model: MSP430 - Quantity: 1 - Color: Grey + silver gray - Material: Plastic + iron + PCB - Can be compatible MSP430FLASH full series microcontroller the programming and simulation -It is fully compatible with Texas instruments factory production of MSP-FET430UIF development tools - The Texas instruments standard 2 x 7-pin JTAG standard connected seat DC-14P - No need external power supply can directly powered by the computer USB port; And can give the user target plate provides reliable power supply (voltage can be set in debugging software for example the IAR FOR 430 emulator settings interface can set the output voltage) - According to development software (such as IAR) version automatic upgrade simulation device firmware - Supports JTAG SBW (2 wire JTAG) interface simulation debugging - Supports BSL mass production CyberPower Disc Creator code programmer - Supports IAR FOR 430 AQ430 GCC HI-TECH and TI related third party compiler integrated development environment of real-time debugging simulation single step run at full speed breakpoint debugging variable monitoring memory contents view modification and operation - The simulator can be widely used in teaching research and development industrial control etc - Suitable for DIY project and other electronic products - The software CD is with 430 single-chip microcomputer learning material and minimum system board principle diagram and routines - Packing List: - 1 x Emulator - 1 x USB cable (153cm) - 1 x 14-wire JTAG cable (21cm) - 1 x 6 x BSL Dupont cable (20cm) - 1 x Software CD
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