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The most original souvenir Petersburg! New season 2015! Scratch cards St. Petersburg is considered as an official souvenir of the city. The map reflects the 50 most important sights, author of more than 20 photos, 6 most interesting routes, all interesting facts from the life of the city. Scratch Card St. Petersburg - online souvenir which is interesting guests of the city and its permanent residents. Blurring the gold paint coin - you can mark places where visited St. Petersburg and plan your route around the city. Under the scratch layer hidden amazing facts and original photographs of St. Petersburg. Map printed in bright colors with gold and bronze paint. Gift wrap is framed in a souvenir style and is equipped with a plastic handle for easy carrying. Along with the card we give souvenir. Calendar and coin St. Petersburg Mint. Scratch cards St. Petersburg best gift for residents and visitors! Fixing. Each card comes with ten foamed pads for mounting the card to any surface. If you decide to outweigh the card, one side of the pads can be easily separated from the wallpaper without damaging them.
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