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Eddy current testing is an inspection method that can be used for various purposes including the detection of cracks and corrosion, material and coating thickness measurement, material identification and heat treatment condition. The process relies upon a material characteristic known as electromagnetic induction. However, for any non-destructive testing method, all of the systems must be calibrated using appropriate reference standards as an essential part of the examination procedure. This step involve in producing the calibration blocks which must be of the same material, heat treatment condition, shape and size of the item to be tested. This project will fabricate the copper calibration block used for defect detection. Copper is chose because of its greater conductivity compared to other metals, thus enhances the electrical energy. The fabrication process of this calibration block should increase understanding of the compulsory step in Eddy current testing. This should be especially useful to technicians in non-destructive field or anyone else who may be considering utilizing online communities for marketing efforts.
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