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Minimalist Charging Dock fits for your fabulous new Apple Watch. You can place it on bedside, desk or other location if you want. It just requires the Apple Watch charging cable to be feed through the top slot and charger to be placed into its circular pocket. Designed specifically for the Apple Watch, it is a perfect accessory for that fantastic example of wearable technology. Features Dock and charge your Apple Watch. Display your Apple Watch within view while charging. Stable angle. Angle 45°provides a stable and comfortable view of the watch viewing. Mind the cable, great to charge. An accessible side cutout lets you easily manage the cable , keeping your charging cable neat and tidy. Compatible with both the 38mm and 42mm size Apple Watches. Modern-industrial looking dock, perfectly synergized with Apple's world famous minimalist styling. This product itself does not provide the charging function, only for the easy access to dock and charge. Specifications Material High - Impact ABS Headpiece 5cm x 4cm Dock Height 10cm N.W. 150g Product Package Size 5.5L x 4W x 13H cm
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