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This book is deals with the ethno-medico-botanical studies on Papikondalu forest of Andhra Pradesh, India with the objectives of an extensive and intensive exploration studies in the area to record first hand information from tribal practitioners, taxonomic analysis and systematic evaluation of drug yielding plants, collection, identification and documentation of plants used by tribals, impact of tribal culture on forest, vegetation and analysis of different tribal folklore. Two hundred and fifty eight ethnobotanical plant species included 208 genera and 81 families were recorded which are exploited by the tribals in curing different human ailments and also used for other purposes. The Papikondalu forest comprises of 12 revenue mandals of which eleven are mostly inhabited by the tribals viz., Koyas, Konda Reddies, Gonds, Naikpods, Lambadas, Yerukulas and Nayaks. Among 258 species 231 are dicotyledons, 24 monocotyledons and three species of pteridophytes. Plant part used for medicinal purposes leaf constitutes the highest percentage (27.58 %) followed by root (17.63 %), stem bark (15.36 %), whole plant (10.70 %), seeds (7.17 % ), fruits (4.40 %), flowers (3.77 % ), gum (2.77 %) etc.
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