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DARK SYMPHONIES Vol. 1 is the ultimate clip compilation for every heart that is beating for' Heavy Metal! Featuring clips from various cult acts, such as Testament, Satyricon, Amorphis, Nightwish and many more. Since it's very hard to see the clips of your favorite bands on TV. this is the perfect occasion to watch them as often as you want. Track List: 1. Cradle Of Filth - For Your Fulgar Delectation2. Immortal - All Shall Fall3. Eluveitie - Inis Mona4. Dimmu Borgir - Gateways5. Nightwish - Bye Bye Beautiful6. Satyricon - Phoenix7. Belphegor - In Blood - Devour This Sanctity8. Samael - Black Hole9. Pain - Follow Me10. Testament - More Than Meets The Eye11. Kataklysm - Taking The World By Storm12. Soilwork - Exile13. Therion - Son Of The Staves Of Time14. Amorphis - Silver Pride15. Master - Pay To Die
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