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In June 2016 Heart made their first ever live appearance at London's famous Royal Albert Hall. To make the sold-out night even more special the band were accompanied by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra who added further depth and an epic scale to Heart's songs. The set included hits, fan favorite and both new and reinterpreted tracks from their most recent album Beautiful Broken. The chemistry between band and orchestra added a truly magical quality to a concert that will live long in the memory of those Heart fans lucky enough to be present. Track List: 01. Magic Man02. Heaven03. Dreamboat Annie04. What About Love05. I Jump06. Sweet Darlin'07. Two08. These Dreams09. Alone10. Beautiful Broken11. Mashallah! 12. Silver Wheels / Crazy On You13. Sand14. No Quarter15. Barracuda16. Kick It Out
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