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Computerized system are fast, easy, automatic and cheap. My aim is to develop a computerized system for managing the information of the students of Aligarh Muslim University. AMU Student Information System is a comprehensive University Student Administration System, enabling any academic or educational organization to capture, maintain, update and provide accurate personal and academic information about all current and past students of University.If we want to know any information about any student such as personal information, residential information i.e. his/her correspondence address then we search through the students records in various offices. There is lack of sharing the information among different office and due to this drawback all information about students are not integrated. Under such circumstances we have to approach for different offices for different information and the process takes a long time in collecting desired information. This computerized system provides the following facilities to students and office workers: Personal details, Provides facilities for insertion, Deletion and Updation of information, Validation and Authorization checks.

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