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Here is a link of unicycle trolley which is better quality: Specification: Material: aluminium alloy Extended Size: 80cm Shrinking Size: 35cm Weight: 500g Color: as the picture Apply to :AIRWHEEL(not includes airwheel Q3) FOSJOAS, Solcoo,CXM,F-WHEEL,Legway,Rockwheel,KEDILONG,IPS T200,IPS T260,IPS I100,IPS I150,IPS I200 series electric unicycle Features: More convenient for you to move the Electric Unicycle when it is not allowed to be used in some occasion,such as shopping mall,subway and other public places. Package included: 1X Electric Unicycle Trolley(not include the electric unicycle ) Note: Please remember to power on when you use the trolley . This item not fit for TG-T3, AIRWHEEL Q3 and L01 model ..

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