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video The Xiaomi Mi Second Generation Smart Air Purifier can effectively absorb formaldehyde, remove second-hand smoke, dust, and filter PM2.5 to provide clean and purified air for you and your family. With 310 cube meters per hour CADR rate, it takes only 10 minutes to thoroughly and effectively clean the air in a 21 square meters room. What's more, you can control the purifier via the APP on your smartphone. The Xiaomi Air Purifier has two filter levels for a thorough clean. The first filter layer removes large particles such as hair, dust etc from the air, the second filter removes micro particles such as pathogenic bacteria. The compact and stylish design of the Xiaomi Air Purifier enables it to blend into any room. An aerodynamic design enables you to adjust the speed of air circulation according to the pace of the room, ensuring a fast and high-quality air purification. Multi-Levels of Cleaning First filter mesh removes larger particles from the air, such as hair, dust etc. Second layer of the HEPA filter of class H11 Torey from a Japanese supplier filters up to 99.5% PM 0.3-0.5, micro particles size 0.3 microns and pathogenic bacteria. High-quality activated carbon adsorbs formaldehyde Remote Control with Mi Smart Home App You can test the air quality, as well as adjust mode of operation of the device even when you are not at home. Moreover, Mi Air Purifier 2 is learning your habits - before you go to sleep, it automatically goes into sleep mode and turns off automatically if you leave. Ultra-Quiet Operation Mi Air Purifier 2 can be kept running all night with noise level of 31 dB in sleep mode. Aerodynamic Design that Suits Any Room Mi Air Purifier 2 has an updated system of air flow, CARD performance of 330m3/h. You can adjust speed of air circulation according to space of the room, ensuring fast and high quality air purification at your home. Easy Replacement To replace our three-layer filter cartridge, you only need to open the back cover, remove the old filter and replace it with a new filter. Compact and Stylish Design With a compact and stylish design, Mi Air Purifier 2 suits any room that you place it. It works as a powerful purifier and a nice home decor. Specification Brand Xiaomi Cleaning Method Mechanical filtration and adsorption Filter Type PET primary filter, HEPA filter, activated carbon adsorption filter Purification Capacity 330 cubic meters per hour Recommended Effective Area 23 - 39 square meters Product Size 24.0 L x 24.0 W x 52.0 H cm Product Weight 4800 g Package Content 1 x Mi Air Purifier 2
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