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Doctoral Thesis / Dissertation from the year 2017 in the subject Chemistry - Materials Chemistry, grade: 1,0, Dresden Technical University (Fakultät für Maschinenwesen), language: English, abstract: The first aim of the present work is to design, built and test a device being capable of rapidly heating and subsequently immediately quenching bulk metallic glass (BMG) specimens in a uniform and reproducible manner. The heating and ejection process of the BMG specimen is temperature-controlled, so that the heating rate and temperature to which the BMG is annealed to, can be varied.BMG composites consisting of B2 CuZr crystalline particles embedded in the glass shall be prepared. The occurrence of the shape-memory B2 CuZr phase and a good glass-forming ability limit the selection of the alloy system to Cu-Zr-Al. The high-temperature B2 CuZr phase is metastable at room temperature, yet rapid cooling of Cu-Zr-Al-based alloys enables to cast B2 CuZr BMG composites. One could speculate that the B2 CuZr phase forms as well during the devitrification of Cu-Zr-Al-based metallic glass at high heating rates. Indeed, a recent work yields hope rendering the preparation of B2 CuZr BMG composites by devitrification possible. Therefore, a rapid heating or flash-annealing device as it is termed here, is developed first. Thereby, flash-annealing is defined as rapid heating to a predefined temperature followed by immediate quenching. Cu-Zr-Al-based BMGs are flash-annealed at different heating rat...

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