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80w hot melt glue gun ac 100 240v 2 flat pin plug купить по лучшей цене

Brand ProsKit Model GK-390H Quantity 1 Color Black + Orange + water blue Material Plastic Features Suitable for melting high temperature strip Application Ideal for profession bonding such as carpeting or woodworking or home improvement; PTC heating system insures outstanding temperature control Mechanical fee ensures a continuous glue steam; Full -hand lever trigger and ergonomic grip designs provides optimum comfort; Bracket stand for safety and easy place while working on any project Other Voltage: 110~240V / 50~60Hz; Power: 80W; Melt temperature: 150C; Heater component is made of Positive Temperature Coefficient(PTC); Three-Flat-Pin plug; Preheat time: 3~6 minutes; Flow of glue: 15~2g per minute Packing List 1 x Hot melt glue gun (130cm-Cable)
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