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Hot water (74?C), Lactic acid solution (2%) and Chlorine solution (50 p.p.m.) were applied on the hind leg quarters of the buffalo carcasses in two different methods, viz., spraying and dipping for surface decontamination. Initially, the best decontamination was performed by lactic acid dip method. At 24 hours, hot water dip method was considered as effective followed by again lactic acid dip at 48 hours and 72 hours respectively. Lactic acid dip method reduced total plate count by 1.71 log c.f.u./cm2 from the initial microbial load at 0 hour, whereas the hot water dip method and Chlorine dip reduced by 1.68 log c.f.u./cm2 and 1 log c.f.u./cm2 respectively. The log reduction of total coliform count by hot water dip, lactic acid spray, and chlorine dip were 1.27, 1.05 and 0.66 log respectively. From this study, it can be concluded that hot water treatment is the cheapest, convenient and simple decontaminant than the other two used.
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