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50pcs smd mb6s 0 5a 600v single phases diode rectifier bridge sop 4 купить по лучшей цене

Solid state power frequency changers are used for various purposes.The usual practice to get variable frequency power source is to use rectifier-inverter combination.Unfortunately the conventional diode/thyristor bridge rectifiers at the input side cause several problems such as:low input power factor,considerable harmonic distortion of ac currents and harmonic pollution on grid. The PWM rectifier is a preferred choice for providing ac to d.c conversion,due to its capability of input p.f regulation,line harmonic current mitigation,d.c voltage control and bidirectional power flow.In this thesis work,the theory behind a three phase PWM rectifier has been studied.a controller is designed to regulate the output voltage and input power factor.The entire system with its controller is modeled and simulated in MATLAB-simulink to verify the effectiveness of the proposed control strategy,to set the controller gains exactly to ascertain certain ratings of few hardware implementation.In this thesis work,real time simulation of a three phase PWM rectifier system with the proposed control strategy has been done using FPGA.

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