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Leavening Agents; Yeast, Leaven, Salt-Rising Fermentation, Baking Powder, Aerated Bread, Milk Powder. PREFACE This volume fills a gap in the literature of baking in this country. The baker knows a good deal about his flours and also how they are made, but he knows very little about his yeast and less still about his baking powder. He has been well supplied with literature on the technology and chemistry of flour, but much of the data on his aerating agents has either been aimed over his head or else has been purposely misleading. Aerated bread has been added because of its historical value and because of its possible future. Dry Milk is another recent important addition to baking materials. Yeast, is necessariIy a technical subject, has been treated in as condensed and simple a manner as possible. The author acknowledges his indebtedness to an anonymous friend for the section on the manufacture of yeast. This is the first exact and detailed description of yeast manufacture in English, and is an importarit addition to the literature of chemical technology. Baking powder is a subject on which the bakers and the public have been misinformed. The water has been so badly stirred up by the baking powder controversy...
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