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500 to 500pa micro differential pressure gauge high te2000 купить по лучшей цене

This Differential Pressure Manometer measures Gauge/Differential pressure from 0 to 45.15 inH2O (inches of water). It features 12 selectable units of measurements. Widely used in measuring the pressure of the fan and blower, filter resistance, wind speed, furnace pressure, orifice differential pressure, water level of bubble and liquid amplifier or hydraulic system pressure, etc. it is also used in the process of combustion gas ratio control and automatic control valve, and the blood pressure and respiratory health care equipment pressure monitoring. Features 12 selectable units of measurements: Pa, hPa, mbar, mmH2O, mmHg, inHg, inH2O, psi, m/s, fpm, kg/m3, lb/in3. Air flow measurement with pitot tube. Max/Min/AVG recording and relative time stamp. Data hold and auto power off functions. Large LCD display with backlighting. Zero function for offset correction or measurement. It can measure total external static pressure, differential pressure, duct velocities, manifold pressure, and air flow. Pocket-sized for fast and tough everyday use. Specifications Measurement Range 0-100hPa, 0-40.15inH2O Accuracy ±0.03hPa(0-0.30hPa), ±0.05hPa(0.31-1.00hPa), ±(1.5%+0.1hPa), ±0.01inH2O(0-0.12 inH2O), ±0.02inH2O(0.13-0.40inH2O), ±(1.5%+0.4inH2O) Resolution 0.01hPa, 0.01inH2O Rate 0.5sec Environment Temperature 0-50°C/32-122°F Battery 3 x AAA Battery (not included) Dimension 12.5L x 5W x 2.5H cm Weight 420g Package included 1 x Differential Pressure, 2 x Connection Hoses, 1 x Hard Carrying Case, 1 x User Manual Certification CE, SGS
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