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4 wheel skateboard complete longboard 41 inch купить по лучшей цене

This Complete Longboard is easy to maintain and will stay in control even at a high speed. The skateboard has a robust 8-ply maple wood construction and a platform with grip tape for you to place your feet. The wheels offer good contact with the road even in rainy weather or other bad conditions. Ball bearings of the ABEC 7 standard will reduce rolling resistance to a minimum for effortless cruising with the skateboard. Bring it home, and bring yourself lots of fun. KOSTON LB002 Complete Skateboard With premium 8-layer maple deck, the max load bearing is up to 150kg, very durable and sturdy. PU high-bounce wheel, very smooth ride and high durability with great gripping power. Aluminum bracket, give your board and wheel a steady support, durable use. Hot-press pattern on the reverse side, makes it attractive among the skateboarders. Specifications Name KOSTON LB002 Complete Longboard Brand KOSTON Model LB002 Type Skateboards Deck Material 8-layer Maple Deck Size 38 x 8.5 x 27.375 inches Gear Base 27.375 inches Wheel Material PU Wheel Hardness 78A Wheel Size 70 x 51mm Bearing 608RS ABEC-7 Chrome Steel Bearing Product Weight 365g Package Weight 400g Package Size 100 x 30 x 10cm (L x W x H) Package Contents 1 x KOSTON LB002 Complete Longboard

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