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Have you ever had anything break on you? Nowadays trying to take apart your gadgets and gizmos can be a tricky job. They require the use of an assortment of tools and most of the time we don't have the ones we need. It can be a big pain when fixing something can be so simple. It's a shame that big companies have decided that gadgets should not be easily taken apart and use it as an excuse to void our warranty. Some people are mechanically inclined and can save themselves and the company some money by quickly repairing there toy effectively themselves. Now is your chance to have the tool kit used by professionals around the world. This is a high quality well organized tool kit. Its smaller sized tools are great for all of our little gadgets and include most of the common tools needed for disassembly and reassembly. It includes 6 great small sized specialty screwdrivers; a Phillips and a tri-wing as well as 4 torx head screwdrivers. A nice pair of needle nose tweezers is provided. The side cutter has a great blade that can snip even the strongest wires. The needle nose pliers are also a great tool. All in all this set is made to last and can take on any project no matter how small. - Includes: - 2.0 phillips screwdriver - Y3.0 tri-wing screwdriver - T3/T4/T5/T6 torx screwdriver - Tweezers - 4.5" sharp-nose pliers - 4.5" diagonal cutting pliers - Great for collecting and daily use
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