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4 pcs mixed needle round nose pliers tool kit jewelry making tool купить по лучшей цене

Description : 7Pcs Mini Beading Pliers Tools Round Flat Long Nose Multi Size Pliers Set Features : Brand new and high quality mini pliers with two spring tensions. High quality carbon steel forging. Lap joint for better levarage. Soft dipped handles with double leaf springs to reduce hard fatigue. Light weight, it's the perfect jewelry making. Suitable for wire work, beading, jewellery making or Gift packaging. Specification : Material: Carbon Steel Handle Color: Black Set contains: 1 x 4.3"/110mm diagonal cutting pliers 1 x 4.8"/122mm bent nose pliers 1 x 4.9"/125mm long nose pliers 1 x 4.1"/105mm end cutting pliers 1 x 5"/126mm round nose pliers 1 x 4.8"/123mm flat nose pliers 1 x 5.8"/148mm needle nose pliers Package includeds : 7 x Mini Plier Details pictures :
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