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300cc 330cc thickened silicone sleeve adapter купить по лучшей цене

Brand VEOBIKE Quantity 1 Color Black Material Fleece Size XL Gender Unisex Best use Cycling Length No cm Shoulder Width No cm Chest Girth No cm Suitable for Height 173~178 cm Features Waist circumference: 73~96cm; Pant length: 102cm; Thigh circumference: 45cm; Especially designed for cold weather bicycling wear; Front side uses three layer of windproof composite Lycra elastic fleece fabric backside with Lycra elastic fleece fabric; Pants uses 2.1cm thickness and 78 breathable holes silicone pad ensure long time comfortability; Both pockets with high brightness reflective logo increasing night riding safety; Trousers zipper design added epoxy non-slip tape provides best protection for you. Packing List 1 x Sweatpants
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