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2pcs lot t15 w16w 921 912 2835 21smd led canbus error free tail lights bulbs car reverse light backup light white 12v 24v купить по лучшей цене

Brand Merdia Model LEDD004JMA12 Quantity 2 piece(s) Casing Color Black Material PCB Emitter Type 1210 SMD LED Chip Type Other Total Emitters 12 Light Color White Rated Voltage 12V Power 3.5 W Luminous Flux 144 lm Color Temperature 4500~6000 K Connector Type T10 Application Reading lamp Other Features Canbus bulbs which will bypass the error code on dashboard; Extremely long lasting life more than 50000 working hours; Ultra bright and durable LED/SMD bulbs; Instant light on/off just plug and play; For replacement of turn signal light corner light parking light side marker light tail light and backup lights etc. For DC 12V vehicles only Keywords LED light bulb T10 12smd 1210 LED Packing List 2 x LED light bulbs
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