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24pcs air clay fimo polymer plasticine modelling clay light diy soft creative handgum toys diy plasticine clay learning toys купить по лучшей цене

Bright colors for children to know well about colors. This product can develop, improve children brain thinking, and innovative ability. Kids are free to use their imagination to create patterns they like. Four-"S" Super light clay, fine and smooth to make better works. without particle. Super strong tensile force, easy for kids to create what patterns they like. Safe material, environmentally friendly, no toxic. Studying while playing, it is great for sensory development and play based learning. Specifications Color 12 Colors Model 1 slime toy2 plasticine clay Material Water, swelled starch, paste Single Product Weight 30g Single Product Size 7 x 3 cm Package Contents 1 x 12 Colors Plasticine Clay Set
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