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100 pieces white rubber sucker 35 14 1 2mm купить по лучшей цене

Description: Single size: 176 x7. 2 mm Packaging: 14/set Lead Color(s): Black Barrel Color(s): Black Matte Barrel Material: Wood Lead Degree (Hardness): 12B10B8B7B6B5B4B3B2B1BHB2H4H6H Compliance, Standards: PMA Certified Nontoxic Feature: Non-toxic, harmless, healthy environmental protection; Color clear, strong adhesion; Globally recognized length, diameter, the core hardness (6 h - 12 b) and other standards; With 6 h - 12 b, a total of 14 kinds of hardness level, smooth ink and smooth; Pens and choose the best quality lumber; Surface, water-based paint pen is safe non-toxic; SV anti-flex paste technology, make the ink is not easy to break. Package Included: 14 x Pencils
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