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The Frank Sinatra Collection brings together some of Frank Sinatra's finest performances on television and in concert. This second release in the series presents three TV specials from the sixties.A MAN AND HIS MUSIC+ELLA+JOBIM - First broadcast by NBC on November 13, 1967, A Man And His Music + Ella + Jobim, was the third annual A Man And His Music special. It finds Frank paired with the incomparable Ella Fitzgerald. It is a truly historic and memorable event that showcases iconic performances from Frank and Ella, while also documenting the only filmed meeting of Frank and bossa nova legend Antonio Carlos Jobim; their medley is not to be missed. 01. Day In, Day Out02. Get Me To The Church On Time03. What Now My Love04. Ol' Man River05. All I Need Is The Girl06. Body And Soul - Ella Fitzgerald07. It's All Right With Me - Ella Fitzgerald08. Medley With Ella Fitzgerald: How High The Moon, Up, Up And Away, Look Out For Jimmy Valentine, Theme To Tony Rome, Ode To Billie Joe, Goin' Out Of My Head10. Medley With Antonio Carlos Jobim: Quiet Nights Of Qiet Stars, Change Partners, I Concentrate On You, The Girl From Ipanema11. Medley With Ella Fitzgerald: The Song Is You, They Can't Take That Away From Me,Stompin' At The Savoy, At Long Last Love 12. Don't Be That Way - Ella Fitzgerald13. The Lady Is A Tramp - Duet With Ella Fitzgerald14. Put Your Dreams AwayFRANCIS ALBERT SINATRA DOES HIS THING - First broadcast by CBS on November 15, 1968, Francis Albert Sinatra Does His Thing opens ...

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