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Features: Same as Fast Abs and Abtronic Ten minutes on the ABGymnic is the equivalent of 600 sit-ups. Wireless - Easy to Use / Wear anywhere 6 'Smart' Programmed Routines with 10 variables levels of intensity for a complete and personalised workout Tiny Gentle Electronic Pulses are delivered to your muscles Tones your Tummy, Waist, Legs, Arms and Bum Comes with 2 Adjustable Waist and Leg Straps Full Instruction Manual and Workout Guide Proven for Fantastic Results Keep in Trim without the Gym The belts can connected together to use, and there are stretchy Description: Item Type: Muscle Toning belt Application: Body Material: Plastic Size: Short is 25cm, Long is 50cm Color: As the photos show Package Inckuded: 1 X Muscle Toning belt 2 X Belt 2 X Cell battery(Battery Included) 1 X User manual in English Note: This product is not suitable for pregnant women or people with a heart disease.
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