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Sacred Grief offers an intriguing exploration of the far-reaching rippleeffect of our present-day opinions about surviving grief's emotionalroller-coaster and the unnecessary suffering our judgments unconsciouslypromote. You'll find comfort in discovering that there's anotherdimension to this universal experience--a dimension that fosters trust,kindness and compassion, peacefully heals, and steadfastly moves youtowards your soul's deepest desires and dreams.Praise for Sacred Grief"Because we will all have the experience, Sacred Grief is a compellingguide for everyone searching for the sweetness in life's great passages."--Gregg Braden, author, The Divine Matrix and The God Code"Sacred Grief is a holy handbook for gleaning the gifts of the journeycalled grief."--Mary Manin Morrissey, Co-founder, Association for Global New Thought"Sacred Grief is a welcome departure from the conventional advice about'surviving' grief."--Jill Carroll, Ph.D., Executive Director, Boniuk Center for the Study andAdvancement of Religious Tolerance, Rice UniversityLearn more about this book at www.SacredGrief.comAnother great self-help book from Loving Healing press www.LovingHealing.com
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